Front Line Maturity Model™

Ever wondered why initiatives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency - or the performance and productivity - of your sales force did not give the expected returns? Why it is difficult to sustain the temporary improvements? What is the next step to bring your sales team to a higher level of performance or why are the revenues not as per forecast or plan?

Answers range from competency development, new sales and marketing methodologies to complete IT systems to manage the sales force, customer relationships or pipeline. We have been on the same side of the table as you. We worked on solutions trying to solve what seems to be the Holy Grail of sales and marketing:

  • How to get a top performing team 
  • How to be sure it is a top performing team 
  • And how to keep it at the top
In our experience almost every sales process  can be further optimized. It needs however an integral and structural approach:
  • Providing actual solutions to and a roadmap for  performance and productivity related issues, with a mid to long term view, but with visible results on short notice
  • Adaptable to specific clients’ situation - no two companies follow exactly the same process.
  • Reducing overheads, improving flexibility (agility), efficiency and effectiveness. 
The Front Line Maturity Model™
The Front Line Maturity Model was inspired by a variety of maturity models - starting from CMM® - of other disciplines and industries that had a positive record of improving those disciplines. Implementing FLMM™ clients:
  • Commit to improve
  • Can assess where they are today
  • Get a path and guide towards ‘the’ or ‘a’ desired state in the future
  • Get a method to make productivity and performance improvement visible
  • Have a way to communicate a future picture of a desired state
Although inspired by CMM®/CMMI®, there are also some significant distinctions:
  • FLMM™ does not dictate what processes should be implemented at each level
  • FLMM™ does not promote certification but rather self-assessment and/or assessment by outside parties: it is not a beauty contest
FLMM™ is not  only for ‘global levels’ and can be as easily used on a department level or sub organization levels.

The levels of FLMM™
As other maturity model, FLMM™ recognizes 5 levels from ‘chaos’ to ‘optimizing or self-learning’:
  1. Initial: Sales operation processes are in a state of constant change and driven ad hoc.
  2. Manageable: The effort and competencies of individuals make things manageable. There is some consistency, but discipline is not very strong and people divert from the way of work during times of stress. 
  3. Coordinated: Processes are in place and practiced across the various disciplines involved together with a smooth coordination of activities, priorities and resources and few escalations to management. 
  4. Predictable: Management is able to make changes in plans or strategy, organization and processes, implement and execute these changes, with expected outcomes. 
  5. Progression: The organization makes a natural progression: a continuous process of productivity and performance improvements, embedded in the organization. 
Most companies are at level 2: manageable. They have most elements in place but they need frequent and serious effort to be efficient and effective.

Benefits of the FLMM™
FLMM™ is a framework and an integral end-to-end approach that helps:
  • To decide and prioritize productivity and performance improvement initiatives
  • To align and optimize them with other activities, adjacent functions, departments and company processes
  • To improve the performance and productivity of all the front line functions on short, mid and long term
Does FLMM™ replace the other solutions?
FLMM™ does not replace training and coaching, the use of supporting IT systems or other methodologies like Sales and Marketing 2.0, Sales Maturity Model, Inbound marketing and others. Any of these could be the outcome of using FLMM™ in your organization, as a planned action, put within the right context, making these programs more effective with higher and longer lasting returns.

® CMM and CMMI and Carnegie Mellon are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University