Sales Excellence /seɪlsˈɛks(ə)l(ə)ns/
noun: being or striving to be outstanding at sales...

Sales excellence is both a status and a journey. It is about making people, processes and tools working together in the most optimal way to achieve business objectives. To achieve and maintain sales excellence in B2B environments is not a small feat. Best practices of other companies or industries not necessarily works and EnFeat understands that. We recognize that each organization is somewhat unique, sets you apart and creates value for your customers!

What we do

EnFeat helps organizations to achieve higher levels (a 'Feat') of repeatable ('En'core) sales successes in complex sales environments using experienced domain experts.

We deliver tailored and relevant training solutions to build, grow and maintain competencies for sales and marketing organizations.

EnFeat provides development programs for sales management and leadership like management and leadership training programs including performance coaching, sales innovation and more.

We offer consultancy services to help you to improve or implement sales processes, sales force automation, pipeline management and business coaching.

Feel free to drop a note and let's explore how our expertise can help you.

"We are the people behind sales performance"

Interesting reads

Distributor-Principal love-hate relationship
  In business to business sales environments, often both the sales process and sales relationships are of a complex nature. Sales cycles are long, decision making units are big and there are a numerous dependencies between products and services that involve a broad range of companies. Few things seem to be simple.

About EnFeat

EnFeat Pte. Ltd. is an organization who helps companies, operating in a complex sales environment, to accelerate. 

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What is going on?

EnFeat is proud to be a partner of membrain. The tool to manage your sales pipeline and coach your sales team. It is not CRM...