Why hire a consultant

A typical opinion about consultants and probably also inside your own organization might be; “They write down what we already know and charge high fees for that. We could do this better ourselves and save us the money”. There is some truth in that. Consultants do not run your company, definitely not on a day-to-day basis. Organizations over time however, become more complex, are full of history and legacies, which may hamper you to deal with issues swiftly and effectively.

Hence, you may want to look to hire a consultant as they:
  • Have fresh untainted outside views. Every organization has legacy issues, politics and procedures that have grown “into it” over the years. “We have always be doing it like this”, “We tried this before” and “That will not work” are typical statements that block changes or even hamper progress. Organizations need to change continuously to stay ahead. A fresh outside view helps to get that aha-experience again. 
  • Give unbiased, neutral and objective advice. Being an outsider with a fresh view, consultants are able to look at the organization, it’s people, it’s products or services and it’s procedures in an unbiassed way. They stay neutral, allowing them to give objective recommendations and advice. 
  • Have additional competencies. Eventhough your organization is likely to be very competent at what it is doing, there might be a need to temporary bring in additional competencies to complement your current (executive) management team. 
  • Can give full attention and focus for specific issues. Your senior managers and executives have already a lot on their plate. Their time and attention is spent creating value on a day-by-day basis. A full time assignment to look into specific issues distracts them from doing that. A consultant can give that full time attention and focus. Issues are addressed in the shortest possible time with a minimum of disruption to your business