What makes EnFeat different

We aspire to be different in a way that we:
  • Simplify complex issues. You hired us or will hire us to address specific concerns. We don’t like to add to the existing complexity. We see it as our task to remove this complexity and present solutions to you, simplified and prioritized. 
  • Talk straight, use common sense and have a no nonsense attitude. We do not want to impress you with buzz words, jargon or the next management hype. We like to be to the point with no thrills, easy to understand and recommend proposals that are easy to implement and execute.
  • Provide training tailored to your needs and environment. The effectiveness of training greatly increases when learners can relate to the topics being taught. We will use examples, practical cases, products etcetera from your company or your industry to ensure that what has been learned can and will be used in practice. 
  • Have a technical/technology background. We strongly believe that to help you, a good understanding is needed of your products, services and technology. Our team has a proven track-record and the ability to quickly gain insight in “what’s your business about”. 
  • Are pragmatic and can offer smart practices. Many companies seek to have the best practices in place and resolve to copying practices of others. What is best for one, may not be best for you and even end up in overkill. Smart practices aim to seize and match what works for your organization.
  • Have experience in mixed business cultures. Many companies that have or seek a multinational footprint face challenges one way or another when different business cultures meet. We have experience in both Western and Asian business cultures and can help in getting the best out of your teams.