EnFeat we are committed to follow smart practices and to ensure the best possible results in the shortest time, we take structured approaches using standard tools, processes, templates and methodologies. We know-how and together with our customers, we adapt and suit these tools for their specific needs. Not every tool is always a perfect fit. 

Besides standard tools like the Boston Matrix, SWOT analysis, etcetera, here follows a non-exhaustive list of the tools we use: 

Business plans

The business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, why the company believes they are achievable and the plan to reach these goals. There could be various reasons why a business plan is to be (re) created, reviewed or rewritten, but often it is to secure funding or to support changes in the overall company strategy. Dependent on your organization, the business plan creation can be a major project involving input of many different business disciplines and the effort of many individuals. EnFeat’s templates and project management not only shortens time but also save time of top and senior executives. 

Marketing Audit Checklists

Marketing Audits are detailed and systematic analysis of how a company goes to market. Although the name implies that it only audits the marketing part of an organization, it is a good tool to get insight in, and identify problems throughout, the organization. Starting from the company strategy and objectives, it drills down all the way to the lowest execution level. If you do not need a full-blown audit, then sub segments can be audited e.g. the sales force, customer support, distribution, information systems etcetera. 

SIVA Marketing Mix

The marketing mix (4P’s, Product, Promotion, Price and Place) is crucial part of the overall marketing, go-to-market and even company strategy. It is however product and supply centric. In 2005, Don Shultz and S. Chekitan rewrote the 4P’s into SIVA: Solution, Information, Value and Access to provide the marketing mix a customer focus and make it more demand and customer centric. EnFeat uses SIVA to review its customers marketing mix and as a base for suggesting and implementing improvements. Other uses are e.g. as input for a change in company cultures to become more and better customer oriented. 

Sales Attitude Assessment Tools

Having a strong frontline is crucial to be successful in high technology business to business. A high performing organization has frontline people with the right skills, knowledge and attitude. ‘EnFeat’s talent stack’ states that attitude is dominant in high performing sales professionals. To help companies to make decisions on hiring sales talent or assessing and benchmarking the frontline sales organization, we use this Sales Attitude Assessment Tool. 

Roadmap Creation Process

A roadmap creation process is a structural approach to visualize the future. Typically, it shows the products or services, technologies and markets (e.g. required features) but it can include also other critical information like available production processes, product-positioning etcetera. Besides creating a roadmap, the process also helps with aligning the various business functions in a company. A standard roadmap creation process that is useable for every customer does not exist. Together with its customer, EnFeat will identify the most appropriate approach given the complexity of the business. 

Technology Assessment Matrix

If you want to analyze your current product portfolio in relation to your technology, get inputs for make, or buy decisions, then a technology assessment can help. The technology assessment tool consists of three parts: creation and analysis of technology trees, listing possible competing, new and future technologies and the technology assessment matrix. The result will be a better insight in strengths and weaknesses of your technology in correlation with your product portfolio. 

Note: We will be expanding the tools page in the future to show more of the in-house toolbox of EnFeat as well as profiding some downloads for customers.