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Selling Beyond the Product™: Application Modules

It is not what you know about your sales process that will make you more credible, more compelling, more influential, and more successful. It is what you do with the process in front of real customers on a daily basis that makes the difference.

Selling Beyond the Product™: Application Modules will help your sales teams transition from knowing to doing.

You may only have one opportunity to convince a customer contact to agree to a second or third appointment. And to effectively do that, you need to understand what business issues are motivating customers to consider the purchase of a solution, educate the customer about the competitor’s weakness and your company’s strengths without damaging your own credibility, and emphasize how your solutions will fit their requirements – all while handling objections and concerns during the process.

The Manager’s Application Module design assumes that participants have already completed the Selling Beyond the Product program.

With these SBP Manager’s Application Modules, your managers can bring the real sales challenges of the day into a sales meeting and apply the skills and concepts learned in Selling Beyond the Product to those challenges, reinforcing and extending the learning in the program, ensuring application.

These “sales meeting-in-a-box” modules will help facilitate and support field management reinforcement of the Selling Beyond the Product skills and processes in a series of 1-2 hour application workshops.

Each module consists of a fully scripted Manager’s Guide with timed outlines and agendas, professionally-designed presentation materials, and Participant worksheets for the sales team to come prepared to a one to two hour meeting, conducted either in small group, face-to-face meeting, or virtually through phone, web or videoconference.

Upon completion of the Selling Beyond the Product: Application Modulesprogram, sales professionals will be able to:

  • Focus on getting the appointment by learning how to prepare questions for pre-call planning and discovery, and develop objection handling
  • Evaluate and understand what business issues are motivating customers to consider the purchase of a solution and by understanding the business issues, position the solution, and qualify the opportunity
  • Handle objections and concerns raised by the customer in a way that increases credibility
  • Educate the customer about the competitor’s weakness without damaging their own credibility; and to educate the customer about their company’s strengths, compared to the competitor
  • Prepare and present competitive differentiators to a prospective customer
  • Emphasize how the customer’s requirements will be better addressed by their solution and influence the customer’s decision criteria in favor of a specific criteria
  • Prepare contacts who are not the key decision-makers, but can represent the solution to others
  • Prepare and present a recommended solution in a competitive situation to a prospective customer
  • Prevent unnecessary objections from being created by building the value of their solution that addresses the specific needs of the customer

For more information, download a PDF of our Selling Beyond the Product: Application Modules program fact sheet or contact us directly.