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Executive Focused Selling™

Over the past 15 years, in over 40 countries, Executive Focused Selling™programs have helped thousands of sales professionals apply business and financial acumen to successfully sell to executive buyers and demonstrate the business impact of their solutions. The Executive Focused Selling programs enable your sales teams to understand the business impact of their value, how executives think and make business decisions, and how they analyze capital expenditures. In these times, where the real decisions made are based on alternative uses of capital, the ability to demonstrate a clear business impact and a financial value proposition is critical.

Upon completion of the programs, your sales teams will be able to articulate the compelling linkage between the business and financial impact of their solutions and the customer’s critical business priorities, plans, and projects.

Executive Focused Selling is not simple “Finance for Non-Financial Managers”. The business acumen needed to be confident, credible and compelling goes much beyond the simple understanding of a balance sheet or how to calculate ratios. Sessions are led by C-level executives, ex-CEOs, CFOs, etc., who have personal experience running enterprises. Our Session Executives will challenge even your most experienced sales executives as they prepare to articulate your business and financial impact in their own executive conversations. Each of our programs has been designed to meet the segment specific requirements of your sales organization, including:

  • Executive Focused Selling – Direct
  • Executive Focused Selling – Channel
  • Executive Focused Selling – Public Sector
  • Executive Focused Selling – Manager Conversation
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For more information, download the PDF of our Executive Focused Sellingprogram fact sheet or contact us directly.