Sales Training

Together with our partners, EnFeat provides a broad range of sales training from basic skills to advanced competencies and capabilities using John Keller's - ARCS Model for Motivational Design for Learning and PerformanceOver the last 2 years alone, we helped over 1,500 professionals to succeed. 

Our specialization is in-house programs for B2B that are relevant. Tailored for the specific business our customers are in down to the level of using their solutions, products, services and actual business cases. Our programs cover many aspects of the sales process and can be delivered as stand alone modules or combined to meet your specific learning objectives:
  • Prospecting and relationship building
  • Time management for sales professionals
  • Presenting skills (fundamental to board-room)
  • Effective (value) propositions (fundamental to strategic) 
  • Negotiations (fundamental to strategic win-win)
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills (fundamental to advanced)
  • Needs and requirements analysis
  • Value, solution and consultative selling
Using John Keller's - ARCS Model for Motivational Design for Learning and Performance, EnFeat ensures that learning journeys stick with your sales people and that the learning is applied back in the job.

Our modules complement or reinforce customer's existing sales methodologies and processes. Feel free though to contact us to re-evaluate or implement a complete sales methodology and process. And while most of our customers are somehow related to technology, EnFeat and it's partners deliver programs for B2B, B2C and B2G in industries ranging from manufacturing to finance.