Product Training

A basic requirement for sales people is to understand in details the solutions, products and services they are selling. More importantly, possess the ability to articulate this knowledge into proposals that resonate with customers. The better they are, the higher the chance of more sales at higher margins.

Why is it that sales people don't seem to have the full insights or seem to be sufficiently equipped to promote the real value? Why do some solutions, products or services, sell easier than others? What is holding the sales people from (cross) selling the full portfolio? It is "easy" to judge your sales people as some are probably very successful. So why not the others? For a moment hold the judgement, but ask a maybe more important question: How were they trained?

Often sales people are trained is by going through massive decks of slides, presented by experts. Highlighting all the technical details and functions of the solution, product or service. Time is short, pace is high. References are made to the various sales tools and where to get more information. Unfortunately, within a few days, most will have forgotten what was trained or find it difficult to practice the learning.

The fact is that a product, service or domain expert does not necessarily make a good trainer. Is likely not the best facilitator or the best instructional designer. Using John Keller's - ARCS Model for Motivational Design for Learning and Performance, EnFeat can help to turn solution, product and service knowledge into learning journeys that stick with your sales people:

  • What is it about? Why is it important? Why should I listen?
  • What is needed to effectively sell or promote?
  • How to turn that into a learning that is effective?
  • How to apply that learning in the job?
We will sit down with the owner or expert and create journeys in which participants will experience how to sell this solution, product or service in an engaging - and sometimes fun - ways, ensured to stick.

Accelerated knowledge - increased revenues.