Practical Sales Management

The success of a company stands or falls with the ability of its middle management to mobilize efficiently the organization in executing its strategy in the most effective way. Research done by Wharton management professor Ethan Mollick suggests that middle managers, especially in knowledge intensive industries, have more influence on organization’s performance than any other group.

Workshop Synopsis

The Practical Sales Management programme aims to both reduce and complement the characteristic on-the-job-learning of sales managers. It teaches participants the skills, tools and traits to handle typical sales management problems and helps them to avoid common missteps.
The sessions are highly paced, pragmatic, no-nonsense styled and use recognizable examples and cases mixed with workshops and group discussions. A packed programme where little time is spend on the ‘know-why’ but mostly on the ‘know-how’ of doing things effectively and efficiently with practical tools and tips that immediately can be applied on the job.

Target audience

The programme targets managers and managers to be up to the level of director and vice president in the customer facing disciplines like sales and marketing and customer support in a business-to-business environment. Note that participants can be assigned in groups of similar level, to increase the effectiveness of the programmes.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
Increase team effectiveness by improving delegating and empowerment
Improve hiring decisions of sales and marketing employees by using the CAREER model
Increase team motivation and performance by making better use of target and expectation setting
Improve their sales target setting and use various incentive schemes
Develop effective go-to-market strategies
Improve their pipeline management and forecasting
Value sales methodologies and sales force automation
Lead the change from transactional intelligence to customer intelligence

Programme Duration: 2 days