Practical Knowledge Programs™
For B2B professionals and middle management

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The success of a company stands or falls with the ability of its middle management to mobilize efficiently the organization in executing its strategy in the most effective way. Research done by Wharton management professor Ethan Mollick suggests that middle managers, especially in knowledge intensive industries, have more influence on organization’s performance than any other group, including top management.

Unfortunately, research also suggests that few managers are trained for the job despite the availability of many management and leadership programs. EnFeat’s own research showed that they do not sufficiently address issues managers face on a day-to-day basis, neither do they focus on a specific industry. In addition, most managers and professionals rather spend time on the job than time in the classroom.

EnFeat designed the Practical Knowledge Programs™ to address above issues. In a pragmatic way, they teach participants the skills, tools and shortcuts to handle everyday problems. Packed programs where little time is spend on the ‘know-why’ but mostly on the ‘know-how’ of doing things effectively and efficiently.

Program objective and typical setup

 The objective of these programs is to develop management skills that immediately can be used and to provide tips, checklists and advice for handling day-to-day issues. The sessions are high paced, have a nonsense style and use recognizable examples and cases that participants can link to, mixed with workshops and group discussions.


 The Practical Knowledge Programs™ follow a modular structure, which allows configuring programs that match your training needs, making them more cost and content effective than many other programs. To highlight some flexibility options:
  • Fixed programs either onsite or offsite
  • Mix and match (onsite programs only), choose the modules that addresses your training needs to complete a one day or two day program
  • Team sizes as small as 5 persons (onsite programs
  • Higher management programs and full tailoring on request

Target audience

 Our programs target managers and managers to be, team leaders, project leaders and supervisors up to the level of director and vice president in the disciplines ranging from design and engineering, production, sales and marketing and customer support. To increase the effectiveness of the programs for all participants we prefer to train groups with similar levels.


Program name



Practical Leadership and Management (PLS)


A general leadership/management program

·  2 day program

·  Onsite as low as 5 participants

Practical Sales Management (PSM)


A leadership/management program for sales leaders and managers.

·  2 day program

·  Onsite as low as 5 participants

Practical Product Management (PPM)


A program for product, commercial and technical marketing managers of products, services and solutions.

·  2 day program

·  Onsite, lower participation possible

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