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Marketing Communication Services

Effective marketing communications is a vital element in the go-to-market strategy and plan of companies that want to reach out to other companies. Face-to-face engagements are and will remain a significant, and maybe the most important, aspect in promoting solutions to potential customers. However, for most companies, the sales, marketing and channel resources can't reach each and every potential opportunity. In addition, e-commerce, a 'web-presence' and social media are becoming increasingly important in reaching out to potential customers and draw their attention towards what you can do for them. An well executed marketing communications strategy and plan is a crucial element in improving your front line performance and productivity.

EnFeat provides support for companies and start-ups that do not have local in-house specialists in marketing and communications or those that want to (temporarily) expand their team with experts that understand the B2B challenges in Asia. We specialize in marketing communications for business-to-business marketers—including industrial, commercial and high-technology companies and use planned approaches to marketing communications based on experience and know how. We make it R3:
  1. Relevant: By looking at trends, data, key personnel and thought leaders that influence decision making in target industries
  2. Resonate: By developing key messages that relate to your target customers
  3. Results-oriented: By developing road-maps, project time-lines where results can be measured: the best way to gauge success.
We execute on-target advertising, public relations, collateral, Web-based programs and more to achieve your objectives and will collaborate with your team to define and tactically implement insightful marketing communications solutions that will target and connect with your customers. We do not offer “cookie-cutter solutions”. Instead, we create unique integrated marketing communications plans for you, with objectives, strategies and tactics and with the relevant evaluation tools built in, recommending solutions that match your objectives and resources and address the specific audiences you want to reach.

These plans focus your valuable time, money, and human resources on targeted programs that will achieve your company’s long term business goals and include a 12-month calendar of activities, which will help you and your team with the structure needed to implement each tactical component in a timely and stress-free manner. Our services cover marketing communications, public relations and editorial development; all designed to reach, engage and spur B2B audiences into action. We will also include tools to track and measure the success of programs.

Some of our marketing communication services:
  • Strategic Marketing Communication  and Publicity Planning, Development and Execution
  • Program management for case studies
  • Internal communications
  • Partner and channel communications
  • Event planning and communications including trade show strategy and planning
  • Sales and marketing communications including direct and email marketing
  • Development of special communication projects as needed
  • PR Services – Message development, media liaison, event pr, corporate communications, advertising
  • Research
  • Program Measurement
Some of our Editorial and Copy-writing Services:
  • Developing marketing and sales collateral - including professional corporate, sales and marketing and even product/solutions presentations.
  • Writing blogs
  • Content development
    • Technical content development, promotion and effective utilisation
    • Marketing content to drive leads and sales
    • Newsletters
    • Website Content
    • PR material
  • Case Study and Customer Success Story Development
  • Executive Thought Leadership and C-level Communications
  • Editing / rewriting existing material
Implementing strategic marketing communications activities in concert versus one-off, ad hoc activities is the more powerful approach to build your brand, increase awareness, generate demand, generate leads that are converted to sales, and achieve business targets.

If you require additional expertise, we have established relationships with professionals like web designers, graphic designers, translators and more.