Key Account Selection and Management

Key accounts are crucial for nearly every technology company. They are the "20% that brings in 80%" customers. But, who is ‘key’ and who is not? How do you compare for example a large customer that brings the volumes with a much smaller customer that brings the profits or the needed innovation? Does one deserve more support than the other does, and if so, which one? 

EnFeat’s proprietary key account selection process is a useful tool to generates adequately accurate list of key accounts, using business specific parameters, even if time and resources are limited or information possibly incomplete.

While multi-dimensional, it is a simple and understandable process for everyone in the organization. Customers just do not fit in one single fixed dimension like ‘revenue’ or a calculated ‘attractiveness’. More importantly, it significantly reduces the time and resources required to do so. Savings that can be used to serve the customer ;-)

Case in point:

A medium sized electronics components company wanted to review their key account list for their Asia strategy. They required a fast and objective analysis of existing and potential accounts. In close cooperation with the customer’s project leader and executive sponsor, we defined, guided, planned and executed to whole process including review. In two weeks, the result was a clear grouping of their (potential) customers with priority settings for their 2012 business plan.

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