Sales Process Mapping and Assessment

Ever had the feeling that your employees are not spending enough time with customers and spend too much time on internal affairs? Four out of five senior sales and marketing executives interviewed by EnFeat had the same feeling, wondering:
  • How can we address more customers? 
  • What are bottlenecks in my sales activities? 
  • How can we increase the time spend with customers? 
  • How can we better manage the sales pipeline? 
Any disparity between what your sales people supposed to be doing versus what they are actually doing, result a loss of potential revenues. 

Procedures and processes for the sales force are often designed or setup by IT, logistics or financial experts as an extension of existing systems and are aimed to solve compliance and governance issues rather than productivity issues. 

Mapping and assessing the sales process provides insights in how and where processes can be simplified and what can be done to improve insight in, and management of, the sales pipeline.

Improvements resulting in sales, marketing and service employees spending more time with customers and providing managers the tools to better manage sales activities and coach the pipeline.