Organization Opinion Assessment

An opinion assessment or survey is a tool to structurally gather information and seek feedback on the current 'state of affairs' in a company. It helps to answer questions like:

  • Are we getting the most out of our organization? How can we further improve?
  • Are my people content? What can we do about it?
  • What actions should we take to solve critical organizational issues?
  • What issue have priority in the eyes of our employees? 

EnFeat's tailored opinion assessment assists in providing that snapshot. Customized to your specific need, it can be conducted on department, inter-department, site, country, regional or even global level. A valuable source of information on how employees feel about the company, the management, the products, the solutions, team work, environment and more.

(Note though that it is more effective when at least ten employees or more are involved.)

In close cooperation, we customize these surveys to your specific needs. Examples of 'tailored' categories are remuneration, career, personal development, IT systems and others. Using EnFeat will guarantee complete anonymity of the participants.

Providing real insights:

  • How employees think and feel about specific topics that affects your company performance
  • Insights and intelligence as a base for prioritized initiatives to address those topics
  • A reference point to measure progress.
  • Helps to improves employee engagement, moral, productivity and performance by addressing the issues that matter for the employees.