Acceleration your sales

How we can help you? EnFeat offers a full portfolio of solutions and services to make your "sales world" less complex and more effective. From improving the capabilities and functioning of your sales organization to redesigning sales processes. From coaching to issues like sales complacency.

Our services:
  • Sales competencies building and training, tailored and made relevant for your organization and suited to complement and further improve your sales methodology and processes.
  • Product training, ensuring a perfect launch of your new solution, product or service or to revive essential knowledge and make it sure it sticks and is used.
  • Sales management and leadership development. Sales managers play a crucial role in the functioning of the sales organization. Our programs help them to succeed.
  • Sales innovation, the best sales people are innovative. They find new and creatively ways to add value to both customer and the organization.
  • Sales pipeline management, inaccurate or unpredictable forecasts? Thinking of sales force automation? CRM systems that are not, or not properly used? We can be a sound board and even help you with implementation of pipeline management approaches that are practical and work.
  • Sales process optimization, the world is constantly changing. What worked years ago, may not be the most effective way anymore, and your process may reflect that. Let us help you to simplify and optimize, such that more time is spend with customers.
  • Change management of sales operation projects, implementing key account management, re-organizing the sales force, changing systems... These projects consume time, resources and need focus, attention and expertise to ensure they are successful.
  • Sales and business coaching, issues like sales complacency can be though to deal with and require a combination of orchestrated activities together with close follow up assisting key personnel for a longer period.
  • ...
Assignments can be as short as a lunch and learn or a one- or multiple day assignment to projects from 3 to 6 months. Feel free to drop a note and we are happy to look into your request.