With clients we touch on a wide variety of questions and issues. To ensure that we are able to help our clients in the best possible way, we are working closely with partners in Asia and across the globe.

membrain website

EnFeat is proud to represent membrain. Their motto: sales excellence begins by putting theory into practice! Membrain is all about your sales process. About qualifying your prospects. It is a tool that is designed for sales teams instead of marketing or management. Everything in Membrain is aimed at giving you and your team the best possible conditions to excel.

Sales coaching matters and by using visual and easy-to-use tools we gain a better understanding of why deals are won or lost. Sales teams are tired of entering a ton of data only to create graveyards of information in CRM's that nobody likes to use. It's time for sales people to have a tool that's designed specifically for winning complex B2B sales. 

membrain shows there is another way...

Solutions for driving performance and transforming businesses
momenta is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading business transformation and people development companies with presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila and Dubai. Our solutions include: management development; leadership and sales training; team building and organizational development. momenta epitomizes a forward-looking view and innovative approach. momenta capitalizes on the strengths of being responsive and adaptable, drawing on diversity and a visionary approach to developing human potential, potential that is measurable and results oriented. Our aim is to become your preferred global partner in developing your people and your business.

momenta is fast, adaptable, creative, individual yet collaborative. We work with clients and individuals through a structured methodology, inspiring the right type of attitudes, building skills, whilst transferring knowledge and developing performance enhancing behaviors. Bespoke programs can be designed to suit your needs. You and your team will walk away not only learning more, you will also have shared a wealth of global best practices that will give measurable results and improvements in your business.

At momenta, we preach what we practice. Our value added propositions are developed with you, your people development and your business in mind, delivering unique and bespoke programs professionally and enthusiastically.

Voorne Partners
Voorne Partners BV is a business and management consultancy company complementary to EnFeat. They create value for their customers' businesses by designing and implementing strategic, market and operational initiatives for business excellence together with corporate governance and compliance solutions. Voorne Partner has a strong knowledge in, Business models, Business processes, Organization and Business Support Tools (without being an IT company) and they fully understand the integration and international aspects, issues and options of them.

From analysis to implementation, from small initiatives to managing complex programs; they directly add value to the business. Their large international customer portfolio is not only the proof of their approach, but also a guarantee of solutions that work across country borders. Voorne Partners is active not only in Europe but also in Asia and America and over the years they’ve been fortunate to work with their customers on a variety of projects in several and usually cross functional disciplines; Back-office organization, Accounting, Sales, Trading & Execution, Maintenance, Risk Management, Purchasing, HR…. The combination of services of, and the close cooperation between Voorne Partners and EnFeat allows both of us to offer total end-to-end business solutions.

1Rwave is a technology partner of EnFeat. Based in Singapore, their main focus is on design and technology consultancy with a specialization in the development of low power wireless solutions for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Utilizing the latest in semiconductor technology and industry standard IEEE 802.15.4 networking protocol, they can provide high performance low power wireless modules, enabling applications like Smart Lighting, Building Automation, Active RFID asset tagging, wireless cable replacement and wireless sensor networks (WSN). These Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications and low power wireless network are now possible due to decreasing cost, small form factor and low power specifications of the new devices. With new standards such as 6LowPAN, the wireless networked 'Smart Objects' are now IP addressable. This allows remote monitoring and controlling of these networks via the Internet. 1Rwave brings together competencies in the field of embedded hardware, software and RF design to help clients access new technologies and their applications.

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