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63% of employees may leave because of development

Two weeks after the start of our survey we calculated that: 67% of participants in the semiconductor and electronics industry in Singapore would leave their current company if they found another company that does more effort to develop its people. While this may not come as a surprise, it is higher than the 51% cited by the participants from Vietnam.

The focus of this survey was primarily Singapore and Asia. We are however extending the survey, and are looking for more input from other countries and area's. This will give a more complete picture regarding country or region specific differences as per above.

We did not analyze all the information like combining the results from various questions yet. The interim result however, is interesting enough to share with you and the participants that asked us to be kept informed:
  • Two-third of the participants have no direct subordinates.
  • 69% of the participants is younger than 40 years. Almost half of all participants is between 30 and 40 years.
  • As expected, the electronics and semiconductor industry is largely a men's world: only 1 in 8 is a woman.
  • Overall, 61% is in sales and marketing as most participants are from South East Asia this is logical.. For Singapore specifically this number stands now at 52% followed by 17% of field application engineers.
  • Almost all, 97%, say that training is important for personal development. The other 3% is neutral. Maybe a question we could have omitted, but we wanted to see if there were people that disagreed with that statement ;-)
  • On the statement if the company or boss does effort to develop you, half of the participants were neutral. 17% disagreed (!) and 37% agreed.
  • Overall, 63% would leave their company if they found another company that does more effort for their development. Only 9% disagreed!
  • The statement "my boss coaches me what to do", 37% agreed.
  • Over half of the respondents agrees that courses should be industry specific.
  • On the question why they were not able to attend training - multiple responses were possible - two-third responded that no budget was available and 17% cited that courses were to expensive. 29% said no good courses were available and 20% said they did not have time!
  • Roughly two-third of the participants received at least 1 or more hard-skill training in the last 2 years of which 17% four or more. On the soft-skill side: 43% said they did not receive any training in the last 2 years...

You can still help us with further improving our sample size and increase the validity of the survey, by participating here (it takes less than 3 minutes) and forward this link to any of your friends, relatives, colleagues,  competitors and bosses who are in the semiconductor or electronics industry. The survey is completely anonymous!

The incentive? Getting answers ;-)

Disclaimer: this survey is informal, purely on voluntary basis and a sample only. Hence, it may or may not be a correct representation of all the employees in the electronics or semiconductor industry or for specific companies. We belief that the survey was conducted fair and all efforts were done to keep it objective.